On-Demand Webinar:
BA/BE Studies Best Practices – Gaining the First to File Advantage

Hosted by Navitas, this webinar was presented by Dr Ayaaz Hussain Khan,Global Head – Generics, Navitas Life Sciences & Dr Raghavendra Shetty,Assistant Vice President - Bio-analytical, Navitas Life Sciences.

With over 90% of prescriptions being fulfilled by generics companies, the competition in this space is growing exponentially. It is now imperative for generics companies to be first in market, while adhering to stringent regulatory requirements, ensuring high quality outputs, and gaining a cost advantage.

Watch this recorded webinar to learn about new, evolving industry best practices that reduces a company’s time to market while adhering to constantly changing regulatory issues, as well as learning how quality and cost efficiencies have evolved due to technological advances.

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